Probate, Estate, and Guardianship Mediator in Dallas

Probate Estate Guardianship Mediation

The area surrounding probate, estate, and guardianship is full of complexities. If you’re in a dispute regarding a probate, estate, or guardianship issue, call (214) 275-5333 to learn how Dallas mediator Jeff Rasansky can help.

Probate is the legal process the courts follow in order to monitor the assets of the estate of a deceased person. The purpose of this process is to ensure payment of debts and proper distribution of estate proceeds is made to heirs and beneficiaries as defined in the will of the deceased. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. This period can be very contentious for family members, and disputes often arise. As a mediator, it is my job to help both parties come to an agreement without the need for a drawn-out lawsuit.

Probate, Estate, and Guardianship Conflicts

An assignment of guardianship can be against the estate or an individual; they can be temporary or permanent. A temporary guardianship is for a maximum period of 60 days, while a permanent guardianship lasts until the ward meets certain requirements.

Assignment of guardianship is often contested, and this kind of dispute can be extremely difficult to resolve without the use of a professional mediator. Battles over guardianship often lead to fights, character assassination, and accusations. Our goal at Rasansky Resolution Center is to help both parties resolve their conflict amicably, efficiently, and respectfully. If you would like more information on mediation, call us at (214) 275-5333 for a free consultation.

This is one of the reasons it may be a good idea to engage the services of a mediator to handle all the processes connected to probate, estate, and guardianship. While it is advisable for the administrator of an estate to seek legal guidance, hiring an estate/probate lawyer can be rather expensive. It is for this reason that a mediator may be the better choice.

Let Us Help You

For many people, the areas of probate, estate, and guardianship are quite complicated and difficult to understand. While it is advisable for the administrator of an estate to seek legal guidance, you are bound to run into conflicts which can only be resolved through a third party; be that a judge or a mediator. Through mediation, both parties can avoid a long, drawn-out trial, and can avoid most of the costs associated with bringing a lawsuit.

With trial, the judge’s decision is final. With mediation, you will not be forced into making any agreements that you are not comfortable with. Jeff Rasansky, founder of our law firm, is a Dallas mediation attorney and experienced in handling cases involving probate, estate, and guardianship matters. You can reach us by email, or call (214) 275-5333 to speak with us right now.

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