Mediation Process

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About the Mediation Process

As a trial attorney with more than 25 years of experience, Dallas mediator Jeff Rasansky knows what it takes to settle a case, and understands that court rules and procedures often serve as an impediment to resolving conflicts. The mediation process is much less formal than litigating a matter in court; and, through his own experiences, Jeff has developed his own thoughts for the parties to consider if they want to have the best possible chance of resolving their dispute at mediation. Our goal is to provide a solution to the resolution process that is easy, comfortable, efficient and fair.

But Jeff needs your help to make this process work! Please use the scheduling calendar to request a date for mediation. Respectfully, we also ask all parties and their attorneys to acquaint themselves with Jeff’s “Mediator’s Thoughts” page and to fully participate in the mediation process. This means, at a minimum

  • Preparing in advance for mediation;

  • Completing and returning the confidential information form;

  • Gathering and forwarding to Jeff copies of all relevant pleadings and motions, settlement demands and offers of settlement, and relevant deposition testimony;

  • Scheduling a pre-mediation telephone conference with Jeff;

  • Following up with Jeff after mediation in the event your case does not settle.

Please make sure to visit and review our pages on topics such as before mediation, during mediation, and after mediation for additional information about the mediation process, as well as our payment and cancellation policies.