Before Mediation

Contact Us When Can I Mediate?

Within Two Weeks Prior to Mediation

  1. Please discuss your case with Jeff. We will send you an email requesting that you call us to discuss your case. Alternatively, you may call Jeff’s assistant Esther or send an email to schedule a time for a conference call. Please be prepared to discuss the facts of the case, any potential issues that may impede a resolution, and any other issues in which you believe Jeff needs to be aware.

  2. Complete and return the attendance form.

  3. Review payment and cancellation policies.

Within Two Weeks Prior to Mediation

  1. Email Esther to let her know how many people you expect to be in attendance from your side and how many break-out rooms you may need. In a multi-party lawsuit, please email Esther regarding the alignment of the parties and who may or may not be able to share a break-out room.

  2. Once a date has been confirmed by all parties, our office will mark your selected date as “Unavailable” on our scheduling calendar. At that time, our office will send all counsel a Mediation Confirmation Packet. Our Mediation Confirmation Packet will include a confirmation for the date and time of mediation, the cost of mediation, rules for mediation (to be reviewed with your client), a signed copy of our W-9 form, directions to our office, and a confidential information form.

  3. Confirm with your client that he/she is available for mediation and that a client or representative with full knowledge of the case and full settlement authority will be present at the case. See Mediator’s Thoughts for commitments I will ask from each attorney and party at mediation. Unless otherwise advised, Jeff expects and assumes that all necessary parties will attend mediation.

Within Three (3) Days Prior to Mediation

  1. Please return the confidential information form and/or a confidential pre-settlement statement and any other materials you believe Jeff needs to review in order to understand the case and any disputed issues. See Mediator’s Thoughts regarding the importance of preparing Jeff for mediation. Helpful information includes a short objective; case-summary; highlights or summaries of any helpful deposition testimony and documentary evidence; live-pleadings; motions and/or briefs on any pending issues; and any demonstrative evidence.

  2. Make sure Jeff has been paid or that you have made arrangements to bring a check to mediation. See our payment and cancellation policies. Payment is due before mediation begins.