Sexual Harassment Mediation in Dallas, Texas

Looking for a Sexual Harassment Mediator in Dallas, TX? Call Rasansky Resolution Center at (214) 275-5333. Sexual harassment is a serious yet complex subject, and one which is gaining in momentum as a result of the recent #MeToo movement. These types of claims are often contentious, sensitive, and the results can have sweeping effects on any […]

Class Action Mediation in Dallas, Texas

Looking for a Class Action Mediator in Dallas, Texas?Call Rasansky Resolution Center at (214) 275-5333. Many times in large class action lawsuits, both parties will agree (or be forced by a judge) to attempt to settle the case through mediation. This is done in an effort to resolve the dispute quickly and avoid a drawn out […]

Employment Discrimination Mediator

Looking for a mediator in Dallas who handles employment discrimination cases? Call us at (214) 275-5333. There are bound to be disagreements at any workplace. Many embittered employees who feel as though their being unfairly discriminated against may choose to purse an employment discrimination claim against their employer. While this is somewhat common, what a lot of […]

Civil Rights Mediation

Looking for a Mediator in Dallas, Texas? Call Rasansky Resolution Center at (214) 275-5333. Civil rights in America are inalienable rights which protect our individual and collective freedoms. Every one of us is entitled to these rights under the constitution. Should someone deny you of your civil rights, the law may allow you to pursue a […]

Dallas Debt Collection Mediation

Most people only hear about about mediation in cases such as divorce, child support, child custody, and even personal injury, but many courts are also attempting to assist in the overburdened system through the use of mandatory (and voluntary) mediation procedures. The process is quite defined and offers an alternative to the uncertainty, expense, and time associated […]

Product Liability Mediation in Dallas, Texas

Due to the uncertainty associated with bring a case before a jury, the process of resolving a product liability claim though mediation is becoming more and more popular. Not only is it helpful for resolving issues that could result in litigation at a higher cost and take more time, mediation leaves both parties in control of the […]

Partnership Dissolution Mediator in Dallas, Texas

Filled with hope, individuals form partnerships with other individuals in the same line of business, believing that two heads are better than one. However, the reality is that most partnerships and businesses fail, often necessitating legal dissolution which can be quite contentious. Partnership Dissolution Mediation: The Basics Dissolution of a business or partnership is a complex […]

Mediating a Shareholder Dispute

Mediation is an effective and less-costly method for resolving shareholder disputes when compared to the alternative; litigation. Mediation is also less time-consuming and is less likely to result in challenges since nothing is final until the parties agree. This method of dispute resolution is becoming more popular for many different types of disputes, especially those of a […]

Settling Personal Injury Cases Through Mediation

Mediation is absolutely an effective tool for settling personal injury cases. Although mediation may not always resolve a claim, it can certainly bring about progress. Mediation can be quite beneficial when it comes to personal injury cases, and works to resolve disputes prior to trial. In fact, it is one of the most popular methods for resolving personal injury cases. […]

Common Mediation Questions and Answers

  Mediation can be an effective way to solve legal disputes much cheaper and quicker than through drawn-out litigation. People are not usually familiar with the process and wonder if mediation is the right choice for their particular circumstances. This article will address the most-common questions people have about mediation. Does my case qualify for mediation? […]