Civil Rights Mediation

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Civil rights in America are inalienable rights which protect our individual and collective freedoms. Every one of us is entitled to these rights under the constitution. Should someone deny you of your civil rights, the law may allow you to pursue a claim in order to be “made whole” again.

Mediation – A Natural Option for Many

Mediation is fast becoming a favorable choice when it comes to solving legal issues between two parties. There are various reasons for this. First: it is way cheaper than hiring an attorney to represent you in a court of law, and it more-often-than-not takes a shorter amount of time. Since mediation is informal, there won’t be a final judgment that you must adhere to, which gives you the option of rejecting an offer or suggestion by the other party until you come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Advantages of Mediation for Civil Rights Cases

Mediation is a process that lets you air your grievances in a non-confrontational fashion so that animosity is dealt with earlier on so that progress may prevail. Mediation takes into consideration both sides of the story, and parties involved are urged to lay all their cards on the table so that all parties can have a better understanding and work toward an agreeable solution.

The efficient way in which most cases are mediated will help you reach a resolution in as little time as possible, with less fallout compared to bringing a case to trial. Looking for a mediator to handle your civil rights case in Dallas, Texas? Call us today at (214) 275-5333.

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