Dallas Personal Injury Mediation

Personal Injury Mediation in Dallas

Personal injury cases don’t always end up in court. This is because there are other options available to both parties which encourage conflict resolution prior to lengthy litigation.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in where a third party mediator, who doesn’t have a vested interest or the power to determine the outcome of the talks, attempts to assist both parties at coming to a mutually-agreed-upon resolution to a claim or conflict.

In disputes involving a Dallas personal injury claim, it is often best to choose a mediator with personal injury experience such as an attorney-mediator who has many years of experience in both litigation and mediation.

Mediation is not binding, and you are not obligated to come to a resolution. If both parties determine they cannot come to an agreement through mediation, the mediator will declare an impasse and excuse the parties from mediation.

Will Mediation Provide Me with Helpful Evidence in my Case Moving Forward?

After the process is over, the mediator seals or destroys his or her notes, making the whole process confidential. Whatever you discussed in these meetings cannot be used in court going forward. In addition, the mediator will not testify on your behalf in court since the whole process will be sealed. That being said, looking at mediation as a safe place where you can test legal waters without the fear of reprisal or consequences will give you the confidence to face the other party to the best of your ability.

Considering Mediation for a Personal Injury Case in Dallas-Fort Worth? Contact Rasansky Resolution Center!

If you and your attorney have decided to attempt mediation in your personal injury case, we invite you to call Dallas mediator Jeffrey Rasansky at (214) 275-5333. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and we look forward to helping you resolve your case.

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