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Mediation is an invaluable resource which allows two parties to resolve their conflict without the need for a lengthy trial (which may cost money, time, and take an emotional toll on the parties involved).

It is however important to note that a mediator’s job isn’t to give a final verdict on a case; they simply give individuals an open platform within which they can air their grievances in a safe and non-confrontational space. A lot of people coming into this process may also believe that mediation requires them to be in the same room as the other party. This isn’t the case, and one can request that they be heard at a separate time and even location to ensure that they are comfortable throughout the process.

Dallas Mediator Jeffrey Rasansky

Dallas mediator Jeffrey Rasansky is a seasoned mediator who is skilled at understanding where both parties are coming from. He listens to the case details with compassion and fairness. He is not afraid to play the role of devil’s advocate, and prides himself on his level of commitment to each case. The idea is not to have one party prevail over the other, but to produce an efficient agreement that addresses and placates the grievances of all parties in a diplomatic and fair manner.

Rasansky Resolution Center handles mediation cases in Dallas for all types of cases such as:

Pick Your Mediation Date

Our online scheduling calendar lets you pick a date that is suitable for you. Despite our packed schedule, we are flexible enough to try and accommodate your needs. Is the day you wish to mediate unavailable? Email us and we’ll try to find a solution! Please take a look at our online mediation scheduling calendar and feel free to go ahead and reserve your preferred date(s).

Once you’ve selected a date and filled out the accompanying online form, this information will be immediately sent to our office for consideration. We’ll then follow up, confirm the date(s) with all parties, and send a confirmation packet to everyone prior to mediation.

Choose Rasansky Resolution Center

Jeffrey Rasansky, one of the top mediators in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, is ready to help you resolve your conflict without the need for expensive and time-consuming litigation. For more information, call us at (214) 275-5333.

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