Sexual Harassment Mediation in Dallas, Texas

Looking for a Sexual Harassment Mediator in Dallas, TX? Call Rasansky Resolution Center at (214) 275-5333. Sexual harassment is a serious yet complex subject, and one which is gaining in momentum as a result of the recent #MeToo movement. These types of claims are often contentious, sensitive, and the results can have sweeping effects on any […]

Employment Discrimination Mediator

Looking for a mediator in Dallas who handles employment discrimination cases? Call us at (214) 275-5333. There are bound to be disagreements at any workplace. Many embittered employees who feel as though their being unfairly discriminated against may choose to purse an employment discrimination claim against their employer. While this is somewhat common, what a lot of […]

Partnership Dissolution Mediator in Dallas, Texas

Filled with hope, individuals form partnerships with other individuals in the same line of business, believing that two heads are better than one. However, the reality is that most partnerships and businesses fail, often necessitating legal dissolution which can be quite contentious. Partnership Dissolution Mediation: The Basics Dissolution of a business or partnership is a complex […]

Mediating a Shareholder Dispute

Mediation is an effective and less-costly method for resolving shareholder disputes when compared to the alternative; litigation. Mediation is also less time-consuming and is less likely to result in challenges since nothing is final until the parties agree. This method of dispute resolution is becoming more popular for many different types of disputes, especially those of a […]

Business Mediator in Dallas, Texas

As a business professional, you’re fully aware of just how easily conflicts can arise within the professional world. These business disputes can manifest in several different ways, and there has to be a means for settling these disputes both timely and inexpensively. Oftentimes, contentious business disputes ultimately end up in court. While a judgment certainly can put an […]