Sexual Harassment Mediation in Dallas, Texas

Looking for a Sexual Harassment Mediator in Dallas, TX? Call Rasansky Resolution Center at (214) 275-5333. Sexual harassment is a serious yet complex subject, and one which is gaining in momentum as a result of the recent #MeToo movement. These types of claims are often contentious, sensitive, and the results can have sweeping effects on any […]

Employment Discrimination Mediator

Looking for a mediator in Dallas who handles employment discrimination cases? Call us at (214) 275-5333. There are bound to be disagreements at any workplace. Many embittered employees who feel as though their being unfairly discriminated against may choose to purse an employment discrimination claim against their employer. While this is somewhat common, what a lot of […]

Dallas Employment Mediator

When you find yourself in an employment or workplace dispute, working toward a mutual agreement may seem like an futile task. Most of the time, both sides have very different points of view, and both camps may honestly feel as though they are in the right. Bringing the case to trial is expensive, time-consuming, and worst of all, has an uncertain outcome. Before arguing your […]

Dallas Construction Mediator

Construction Dispute Mediators in Dallas, Texas Mediation can be a very effective way to resolve construction disputes without the need for a long, drawn-out trial. In fact, many judges will REQUIRE both parties to attempt mediation before they even allow a construction dispute to move to the courtroom. To discuss your options with a Dallas construction mediator […]

The Benefits of Mediating a Workplace Dispute

Your average workplace is made of people of different personalities. Add to this the stress of work and a pressure to perform, and conflicts are bound to occur. Workplace conflicts can make great talent up and leave, cause rifts between whole departments, and even end up in the dismantling of whole business empires. Thankfully, mediation offers […]