The Benefits of Mediating a Workplace Dispute

Dallas Workplace Dispute Mediation

Your average workplace is made of people of different personalities. Add to this the stress of work and a pressure to perform, and conflicts are bound to occur. Workplace conflicts can make great talent up and leave, cause rifts between whole departments, and even end up in the dismantling of whole business empires. Thankfully, mediation offers a method of diffusing conflicts which can work magic on even the worst of conflicts.

What is Mediation?

Mediation, put simply, is the re-framing of a situation in order to get two parties to see where the other side is coming from in order to reach a mutually agreeable solution. Mediation tries to get a working solution for each party so that they can coexist in a diplomatic environment.

Mediation Basics

Workplace mediation usually involves a neutral mediator whose task is to listen to both parties without showing favoritism. This is a great way of diffusing any type of disagreement before it escalates. When conflict is left to simmer, the conflict can escalate and lead to litigation (which can cost a fortune in terms of time and money, and lead to irreparable damage).

Mediators ensure that every side airs their grievances clearly and fully. This requires a lot of patience, tact, compassion and the ability to empathize with others. They also lay down a path that can be followed in a logical manner with checkpoints along the way in order to shorten the mediation process and get to a solution which both satisfies each party on an emotional and logical level.

Benefits of Workplace Dispute Mediation

Maintaining Harmony

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of mediation has to do with the maintenance of harmony in any workplace. Once an issue is put to rest, people can go back to working with one another in a manner that is as close to the original atmosphere as possible. This can help boost motivation and help maintain a certain level of productivity.

Creative Problem Resolution

Another reason why you should look to mediation to resolve employment disputes is that it can teach workers creative and innovative ways of dealing with conflict, should it arise in the future. Mediation can impart new skills of dealing with difficult situations to both parties that they can use on a regular basis, strengthening their skills along the way. This skill is an irreplaceable asset which can be used by key players in any business organization going forward.


Mediation is also infinitely cheaper than litigation since there are no extensive and continuous litigation fees (as well as lost man hours in court).  Mediation seeks to reach solutions in as little time as possible for a very low cost. Both parties want answers and solutions, and the mediator is sensitive to this. The mediator will look for creative solutions that cut down on time spent at the negotiation table.

Personal Power and Responsibility

Mediation also fosters a sense of pride, personal responsibility and power, given the fact that everyone will have an opportunity to be heard. In your average work space, there is a hierarchy, and employees almost always never have the chance to express their views. With mediation, a sense of power and the feeling that one is able to effect changes in a company from the ground up can do a lot to a worker’s self-esteem and loyalty to their place of work.


Lastly, mediation is confidential and may be ideal for companies that don’t want details of their operations out in the public domain, keeping sensitive information where it belongs – inside the company.

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