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Employment Mediator in Dallas Texas

When you find yourself in an employment or workplace dispute, working toward a mutual agreement may seem like an futile task. Most of the time, both sides have very different points of view, and both camps may honestly feel as though they are in the right.

Bringing the case to trial is expensive, time-consuming, and worst of all, has an uncertain outcome. Before arguing your case in front of a judge or jury, it is strongly advised that you seek out the services of a labor and employment mediator in order to try and resolve your conflict through the help of a neutral third-party.

Employment Mediation Basics

A mediator is a neutral party who is skilled in leading two parties to a resolution that is fair and just. These individuals usually have a lot of experience in the courtroom, putting them in a unique position of perspective. A Dallas employment mediation attorney knows the ins and outs of employment law when it comes to things like discrimination, contracts, overtime and wage disputes, etc., and their goal is to try and come to a mutually agreeable resolution for all parties involved.

It is important to note that while the purpose of mediation is to resolve legal disputes, mediating does not always result in an agreed-upon resolution. Neither party is required to accept or offer anything, and your mediator may declare an impasse if they feel that both parties simply cannot come to a resolution.

The Mediation Process

Employment mediation typically starts by the mediator meeting with both parties together. Pertinent issues are discussed in a non-confrontational manner, sometimes for hours on end, before each side is relegated to separate rooms with a legal expert or two to prepare terms with which they feel comfortable.

The mediator will then continually meet with each party separately and/or together, making notes and asking questions as well as offering suggestions to guide the process along. During these meetings, the mediator will remain impartial, and will only be an observer who will try to guide the discussions back on track when necessary.

An employment mediator is perfect for the following types of cases:

  1. Personal injury at the workplace
  2. Workplace disputes involving employees and management
  3. Sexual harassment matters
  4. Racial discrimination allegations
  5. Overtime payment concerns
  6. Promotion disputes
  7. Cases involving unfair termination

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