Business Mediator in Dallas, Texas

As a business professional, you’re fully aware of just how easily conflicts can arise within the professional world. These business disputes can manifest in several different ways, and there has to be a means for settling these disputes both timely and inexpensively. Oftentimes, contentious business disputes ultimately end up in court. While a judgment certainly can put an […]

Probate, Estate, and Guardianship Mediator in Dallas

The area surrounding probate, estate, and guardianship is full of complexities. If you’re in a dispute regarding a probate, estate, or guardianship issue, call (214) 275-5333 to learn how Dallas mediator Jeff Rasansky can help. Probate is the legal process the courts follow in order to monitor the assets of the estate of a deceased person. The […]

Dallas Real Estate Mediator

If you’re looking for an experienced real estate mediator in Dallas, Texas, call Rasansky Resolution Center today at (214) 275-5333. We can help resolve complex and contentious real estate issues efficiently, fairly, and cheaply. There are many different types of real estate disputes; many of which can be settled through mediation rather than the more expensive […]

Contract Dispute Mediation in Dallas

  Looking for a Contract Dispute Mediator in Dallas? Call Rasansky Resolution Center at (214) 275-5333. While contract disputes can occur in any business arena, they are most common in the construction industry. While the business of construction contracting has never been simple, disputes over contract terms have risen considerably in the last two decades. As these contracts become more […]

Dallas Employment Mediator

When you find yourself in an employment or workplace dispute, working toward a mutual agreement may seem like an futile task. Most of the time, both sides have very different points of view, and both camps may honestly feel as though they are in the right. Bringing the case to trial is expensive, time-consuming, and worst of all, has an uncertain outcome. Before arguing your […]

Dallas Construction Mediator

Construction Dispute Mediators in Dallas, Texas Mediation can be a very effective way to resolve construction disputes without the need for a long, drawn-out trial. In fact, many judges will REQUIRE both parties to attempt mediation before they even allow a construction dispute to move to the courtroom. To discuss your options with a Dallas construction mediator […]

The Benefits of Mediating a Workplace Dispute

Your average workplace is made of people of different personalities. Add to this the stress of work and a pressure to perform, and conflicts are bound to occur. Workplace conflicts can make great talent up and leave, cause rifts between whole departments, and even end up in the dismantling of whole business empires. Thankfully, mediation offers […]

5 Tips for a Successful Mediation

Considering Mediation? Allow Us To Share Some Tips! Mediation is a non-hostile means of reaching a mutually-beneficial conclusion to a dispute. Litigation can be expensive as well as time-consuming. As a result, many parties understand the value of mediation, and realize that they may reach a more-desired outcome if they seek the help of a neutral party. In order to […]

Mediator in Dallas, Texas

Looking for a Mediator in Dallas, Texas? Call Rasansky Resolution Center at (214) 275-5333. Mediation is an invaluable resource which allows two parties to resolve their conflict without the need for a lengthy trial (which may cost money, time, and take an emotional toll on the parties involved). It is however important to note that a mediator’s job isn’t to give […]

Dallas Personal Injury Mediation

Personal injury cases don’t always end up in court. This is because there are other options available to both parties which encourage conflict resolution prior to lengthy litigation. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in where a third party mediator, who doesn’t have a vested interest or the power to determine the outcome of the talks, attempts […]